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For centuries mankind has been searching for the perfect form. Around 600 BC the Pythagoreans tried to split up a sphere into smaller and smaller segments. The so gained Tetrahedron, cube and decahedron forms were further investigated and split up by the Greek Philosopher Plato in his Academy. The platonic geometric forms are still named after him (Tetrahedron, Icosahedron and Octahedron as well as the cube) and were presented as well as described in mathematical formulas by Euclid in his XIII book of elements (300 BC). With the help of these formulas Johannes Kepler was able to describe the orbital radius of the then known six planets by means of a certain combination of these five forms and their inner and outer spheres in his “Mysterium Cosmographicum” (1596).

Bitcoin Hammock Party

One of a kind themed super show to celebrate ancient Mayan and Incan Civilisation.
England & Mexico & Peru, 2019-2020

Commercial Offer

Bitcoin Hammock Party franchise provides a unique theme for festivals, cultural events, company events, grand ceremonies, beach and themed weddings as well as any other outdoors events. This offer is for event organisers who wish to organise engaging and fun events directed at youth, to attract attention from wide variety of interest-groups from around the world.

We specialise in providing specially designed geodetic dome structures based on strong metal construction. Cosmographicum Geodetic Domes, due to the special-purpose design and unique construct, are centrepiece of Bitcoin Hammock Party. Depending on the side of the event, we have the capacity to supply 8m, 10m, 12m ja 14m diameter geodetic domes.

The Cosmographicum Geodetic Domes combined with the mystique and captivating show-programme of Bitcoin Hammock Party will guarantee the success of this super show, and to make the vent more vibrant, we include 45 hand-crafted Mayan style hammocks for comfortable leisure.

The manufacturing time of Cosmographicum Geodetic Dome ranges from 3-4 weeks from the order date and signing of the franchise agreement. This also includes the delivery time of the hammocks to anywhere in the world. The unique Mayan style hammocks can be hung under the dome as well as in the surrounding areas around the dome. The package includes also design-elements such as unique and lightweight decorative covers , in grey or white colour, made of traditional Mexican cloth. Finally we also have the capacity to provide construction and deconstruction at the event location by our trained professionals.

Bitcoin Hammock Party special programme includes a special play to honour the Incan sun-god Int that tells the epic legend of Manco Capac and his wife Ocllo. Participants of the event can partake in the play by wearing special-made costumes in Peru traditional colors as well as other traditional accessories and decorative elements.

In addition to all of the above, the Bitcoin Hammock Party show programme also includes artfully visualised training session of unique Mayan love-making art Hamacasutra. This part of the programme takes place at the evening when the special colourful lighting, which is built into the Cosmographicum Geodetic Dome, creates a mystique atmosphere. Music has played important role in the ancient cultures. That being said, to create a relaxing and romantic vibes in the background we will play Mexican musica romantica and other chill-out tunes.

The total contract-cost of Bitcoin Hammock Party is 5-10 BTC. This is inclusive of the Frnachise right, Cosmographicum Geodetic Dome and all the decorative and technical elements. The price is FOB within Europe and does not include any local duties, import-taxes or fees. If construction and deconstruction is required then additional fees will be applied to cover the expenses and accommodation of 3-4 trained professionals.

We have the capacity to offer Bitcoin Hammock Party franchise anywhere in the world. The first Bitcoin Hammock Party events to celebrate Incan and Mayan ancient civilisations will take place in Montenegro and Croatia coastal cities, as well as in the nordic and clean Estonian outdoors. In the future we have events planned in Latvia and Russia.

Contact us today to find the best solution for your specific needs. Let's show appreciation love to the sun and let the sun shine upon us.

Maya Domes

Bitcoin Hammock Party

Unique event series in the whole World!

Ancient Mayan culture, together with the geodetic domes, is brought to Montenegro, Estonia and Latvia for the first time this summer. This is the a new wave of the 3000 year old culture.

To celebrate the Incan civilization and Manco Cápac, the founder of the Inca civilization in Cusco, Cosmographicum is organizing series of events in the Baltics, Scandinavia and in the whole Europe. Also it is our intent to organise such events in other european counties, as well as throughout the world.

For all of you that have not know yet, Mayan hammocks have for a long time been considered as one of the most comfortable ones. Chiropractor often reccomend them for the relief of back pains, as well as relieving stress and other tensions that are caused by your daily life. Mayan hammocks will make you feel uniquely well, no matter wether you lie in them horizontally or vertically.

Pre-registration to participate the Incan civilization and Manco Cápac Hammock Party celebrations in Estonia, Latvia and Montenegro events has started now. Registration fee is 0,030 BTC, which includes a hammock, imported straight from Mexico. The hammocks are either classified as ‘Double’ for two, ‘Matromonial’ for couples or ‘Family’ thw whole families. In addition to that, the admittance fee includes tradittional Mexican Caterin (e.g Tacos, burritos, quesadillas, empanadas, flautas, tostados etc). For the coffee lovers we will also have the freshly roasted Veracruz and Chiapas coffee. For the more brave people we have also prepared the, which is imported directly from Mexico.

And that is not all… To keep up the festive atmosphere and endorse the Mexican traditions, the whole event is themed to have different elements of a Mexican part. For example, we will plan to have ‘Maricahi” music, Musica Romantica, as well as mystique atmosphere that is related to the wonderful history and unique happenings in Mexico. The Incan civilization and Manco Cápac Hammock Party celebration is open to anybody who is interested in celebrating the Mexican lifestyle and unique traditions from unique places around the world.

Since the times are changing, and old traditions are not essentially valuable to most of the people, it is our strong belief that the The Incan civilisation and Manco Cápac Hammock Party celebrations, along with the historic atmosphere, will bring on new vibes that will unite people with the same lifestyle and philosophy.

Our team is prepared to organise the Bitcoin Hammock Party events all around the world. Furthermore, we can adjust the number of domes, scale and other relevant details according to the needs. Working with you we are determined to find the best solutions. We invite you to get in touch with us if you are interested in having a Bitcoin Hammock Party at your country. Together we can make the world that surrounds us interesting!

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